CMH, Cambridge Military Hospital [The Unseen Parts] visited with AndyK of Behind Closed Doors

This was our final stop of a mini tour and what a surprise was in store!

Having battled sleep deprivation, roundabouts with traffic lights… or did they? lack of food and battery problems we finally found our way inside CMH and in an area which didn’t look familiar, and once we started entering rooms our jaws hit the ground and we knew we were on to something very nice.


So we head in to another part and I find myself in a dark place, shining my torch on something. Excitedly Andy quietly calls me to come over the corridor I wonder if he has also found things like this? Nope no equipment here but what’s this? Power is on and Andy has lights! But for now ignore the lights and come see this.


A cautionary note to anyone else who finds their way here, the power also extends to the x-ray equipment as confirmed by a loud ka-chunk followed by a humming sound. De-commissioned machines may have faults, x-rays are dangerous to you so don’t play with the machines!

And so we then ventured into the parts everyone knows so well, sadly I didn’t get as many shots in here as hoped due to the aforementioned battery issues, but never mind it was still an enjoyable and exciting day. Word of advice though, even if you have had zero sleep for the previous two nights, a cold concrete ward floor is not the nicest of places to wake up on 40 minutes later.


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