RAF Kirton in Lindsey aka RAF Santas Grotto is a closed RAF base in the UK. In the past it has had various military uses, and still to this day hosts firearms training and has living quarters in military use.

Why Santas Grotto? Well when we managed to get in we were like kids at Christmas!

This site is large, untouched, and unreported. Theres no way that even a photo intensive report such as this can cover it all, so I will be adding on further galleries at a later time showing the individual areas such as the hangars, the kitchens, the bunker bar, accommodation, shooting range, dental clinic, the cells, the list goes on.

So far I have spent 13 and a half hours lurking around over two visits, the first with Kiefe Tripod-Holeologist, and the second with Kiefe and Dwrbecx. A third trip is planned to fill in the blanks. [Edit: the third visit took place with Project Mayhem and PeterC4]

Batteries were dying everywhere so the camera phone came into use on the photos of the Cells and Watertower. Ill get these re-shot properly in the future.

Hope you enjoy.:)


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