Sanyo Electronics visited with AndyK of Behind Closed Doors on the all nighter big weekender along with Kriegaffe 9 and Cowboy55.

Robots (not) in disguise ;)

The Sanyo electronics factory in Lowestoft, Suffolk, focussed on the manufacture of televisions of all shapes and sizes. An electronics production facility has been based here for over 40 years, and the factory was opened by Sanyo nearly 30 years ago. At its height 350 workers produced around half a million televisions a year, which were destined for the UK and Europe.

In 2002 there was talk of opening a dedicated plasma-screen manufacturing facility on the site, however the plans never came to fruition. Falling demand for traditional TV’s and LCD screens was given as the reason for the closure of the plant. Sanyo finally closed its doors in 2010, and has recently been sold to developers who intend to build houses on the land. Demolition work started soon after our visit.


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